A new way to watch TV!!!

Have you ever found yourself searching for things to watch on TV and simply find the same things over and over again?? You could always watch a DVD,  that favorite episode of one of your favorite TV Shows that you have on DVR… again, but sometimes that just gets old fast. My husband has many many times complained that we were spending so much money and never seeing anything he wanted to watch or what he did want to watch he had already seen. We soon found ourselves cutting down on channels and streaming Netflix through DVD players or game consoles.

Then I heard about Roku... Ro who? No I’m not speaking a foreign language..

Roku is the best selling streaming device there is around, it makes streaming through your TV instead of you PC a snap.  Roku recently sent me the Roku XD box to review for them, it streams in 1080p, has built in wireless with an extended range, works on virtually any TV, and has over 500 channels to choose from, many having free movies to watch.

When we took the Roku out the first thing that I noticed was the size, its so small, smaller then a hockey puck, how in the world could this pack as much punch as it claims.. I was baffled. The set up was quick and painless and with the compact size it fits just about anywhere and grabs a WiFi  signal enabling you to stream Netflix, Hulu plus, and many other channels from your TV.


Look how tiny it is compared to the DVD!!!

Once we got everything hooked up there were just a few steps online that we had to take to set it all up. Once your done registering your Roku it lets you choose which channels you would like to add to the device. ( Don’t worry you can add and take away them at will) Certain channels do cost money, but in the long run you SAVE!! The remote is tiny and has few buttons making it hard to go wrong. In fact its so easy Kenna has no problem putting on her own shows.

Since we have received the Roku XD we have bought 2 more and ditched the dish all together!!! I pay $6.99 a month  for my Netflix account and $6.99 a month for my Hulu Plus acct. I don’t miss anything, With Hulu plus I get to watch all of my shows ( only a day later) and get addicted to some new ones without being concerned that they may delete or ill forget to record them!! I am saving over $120.00 a month by switching, which makes me happy and hubby over the moon!!!!

Roku has many different models with different price ranges, some even play games!! The Roku XD retails for $79.99 but right now if you purchase one at Roku.com they are taking $10.00 off!! Wouldn’t this high tech money saving machine be a fantastic gift for Mothers Day!!

Ok so here is a really really cool opportunity!!! Roku is letting me giveaway 1 Roku to a Suburban Coupon Mom Reader!! Simply fill out the Rafflecopter below to be entered!!

Roku sent me the Roku XD for free to review, all opinions and views are my own, I only recommend products I personally think that are good for my readers!!





a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Cindy W says:

    we’d probably watch a lot of kids stuff.

  2. Linda Morin says:

    We want to ditch cable. We have Netflix but need a way to stream it in other rooms. This looks like the way!


    I would watch the Voice and MOB WIFES

  4. Jessica Gratz

    I would watch some Grey’s and old One Tree Hill

  5. Christina Ives

    I’m not sure what I would watch with it yet! But I know that I would have to have channels like Nickelodeon for my son :)

  6. Traci Goodwin

    im a tv addict.. so everything

  7. mark c says:

    monsterjam, the killing, the walking dead..

  8. Grey’s Anatomy, Smash, The Voice and so much more!

  9. Stephanie

    Would really like to win this..Sounds interesting!

  10. Tracey Taylor says:

    I would use it with my netflix subscription.currently I have to watch on my pc. would be better if I could watch on my tv

  11. Teri

    I would watch The Closer and The Good Wife, plus many more!

  12. Katlin Wolfert

    I would watch my favorites…Dexter, Client List, Jerseylisious, Big Rich Texas…omg so much more!

  13. British drama and comedy on Netflix (and lots of Doctor Who!)
    CaySedai recently posted..Summer Amazon Blow OutMy Profile

  14. I would watch Once Upon a time, Awake, Touch, Modern Fmaily, and a few more!! :)

  15. I probably wouldn’t get to watch anything because my kids would probably have full reign of it for their shows! Dora, Fresh Beat Band, Diego……and the list goes on and on and on.

  16. CSI, NCIS. My daughter is a forensics major, so we like our crime shows. My son also loves Myth Busters and How It’s Made. We never watch any regular TV, we always watch our shows over the internet from Hulu or Amazon or Netflix.

  17. Anita Andrick says:

    We would watch a lot of kids shows. lol I know I would find some new ones to watch for myself, that is what I look forward to if I win. :)

  18. Heather Stokes says:

    What show wouldn’t I watch? LOL

  19. Linda Walters

    I just started a new job and I have not gotten to watch one of the new episodes of Bones. So I would love to win this

  20. Hayley Foster says:

    We haven’t been able to afford cable for two years and my kids are so bored with their movies. :( thanks for doibg the giveaway!

  21. michelle king says:

    I would watch greys house private practice law and order ya know all my favs lol

  22. Linda Walters

    I just started a new job and I have not gotten to watch one of the new episodes of Bones. So I would love to win this. It is one of my favorite shows. When they start the new NCIS episodes I will miss them as well. But such is life

  23. Rebecca Schroeder says:

    I would use it with my HULU and and watch Grey’s and Law and Order SVU. We got rid of cable and this would be EXCELLENT in our living room!!

  24. Monica Scott Valentin says:

    Wow! Why have I not heard of this before? I have gone trough 4 blueray players in the past 5 months! They are horrible when trying to stream Netflix. Today my fourth one stopped working all together! We were thinking about getting a PS3 to watch Netflix but this is much more affordable and sounds so much better. As for the shows we would watch, probably a ton of kid movies and shows along with the husband and mines favorites; Dexter, Vampire Diaries, Big Bang Theory, and so many more!

  25. Lana Roy says:

    Anything reality.. Love Mob wives, House wives of new jersey..ect….

  26. Dena N. says:

    I would watch the voice, and american idol…

  27. naomi winkel says:

    biggest loser, amazing race

  28. I have never heard of this before! But it sounds like something we would really like. I could watch everything on it.

  29. Veronica R

    I would watch Grimm and Big Bang Theory.

  30. Marissa Stapleton

    My nieces would take over and watch all of their shows when they come over! My sister has a Roku herself, and they love it! Hailey and Madison know how to operate it better than their mother does, I think! Lol.

  31. Jennifer Cochran says:

    everything I already watch just on a much bigger screen than my ipad

  32. Id watch anime!!!!

  33. I dont have cable but would love this product in my home!

  34. Amy Martin

    I would watch what I watch on my computer now: Grey’s Anatomy, Law & Order: SVU on Hulu Plus, and various 8Os movies on Netflix. It would be so much nicer to have it on the TV instead of the computer!

  35. We would watch Once upon a time, Grimm and Glee and cartoons…

  36. I would probably watch Grey’s Anatomy, and some of the old tv shows…The Rockford Files (loved that show) and who knows what else! The Roku would be GREAT!
    Angela recently posted..Hills Science Ideal Balance Dog & Calt Food, the Natural Balance For Your Furry FriendMy Profile

  37. This looks like exactly what I’ve been looking for but never knew existed! Cable’s such a joke. We would watch Awake, Grimm, and of course some Sesame Street.

  38. C.Parks says:

    We would watch kiddy programs!

  39. Linda

    I would catch up on the episodes of my favorite shows that I’ve missed…like Once Upon A Time, Awake and Touch…love these shows!

  40. natalia ellin says:

    everything!!! im always watching a lot of diffrent types of shows:)

  41. Jessica Mosley says:

    I would watch Grey’s Anatomy.

  42. Page

    I would love to get rid of cable!!! It is so expensive and we don’t even watch more than half of the channels!

  43. I would watch cooking shows!
    Anna recently posted..Strawberries and Cheesecake Chocolate BarsMy Profile

  44. Brandi Price says:

    Probably mostly my son’s Disney favorites! :)

  45. I would have to have Nick Jr!

  46. Old Dharma and Gregg shows. Royal Pain shows. and maybe the Chuck shows that I missed.

  47. Rachel Miller says:

    I’d watch Grey’s Anatomy, Awake, Touch & all the shows I keep meaning to watch but forget :) ….if I could get HBO on it I would watch Game of Thrones also. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  48. DarcieB

    I would watch Ghost Hunters :)

  49. tracy simms

    any Elmo videos or action movies. thanks, simms3710@yahoo.com

  50. tracy voit

    Biggest Loser nothing like sitting on my but watching people exercising and im eating a chip while they are dieting I fiqure it will inspire me one day LOL

  51. I’m a TV adict: Once Upon a Time, Good Wife, SVU, The Killing, Game of Thrones, The Voice, Idol, House, Survivor, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Revenge, Vampire Diaries, Grey’s Anatomy, Mentalist, Awake, Nikita, Top Model, Lost Girl and tons of movies…
    Thanks for doing the give away!!

  52. Karen M. says:

    I would watch alot of TLC shows!

  53. We have Amazon Prime but our Blu Ray doesn’t support it and Roku does! So I’d watch Downton Abbey on AP!
    Camille recently posted..Babysteps to Homeschooling: Learning FrenchMy Profile

  54. Melissa Ramos

    i would watch kids shows

  55. i would watch every, i would turn my cable off and use that! would save me so much money please pick me

  56. Shannon says:

    We would watch a variety of shows! We all love different kinds of shows!

  57. Lisbeth Kellogg says:

    We would watch Once Upon a Time, Grimm, Fringe, Bones, The Finder, Touch, Greys Anatomy, Vampire Diaries, The Office, Revenge, Royal Pains and lots of movies!! :)

  58. I would watch “own” and 48 hrs and all those cool shows.

  59. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    I wonder if I could find CSI. Also nature/Earth/Natural History documentaries.

  60. anita simpson says:

    I would watch the NCIS, CSI shows, the Finder, Mystery at the Museum and so much more!

  61. Tami Sullivan says:

    don’t know yet!!!

  62. Ashley Coffey says:

    I would watch all my shows!

  63. Sheralle D.

    I would love to find more Mickey Mouse and Sesame Street for the litle one, ans Criminal Minds, Breaking Bad, and Sons of Anarchy.

  64. Rebecca Xavier says:

    Downton Abbey and Blue Bloods

  65. I would watch Lost and movies.

  66. Deeann says:

    I would watch the view, the talk, days of our lives , nurse Jackie, the big c, weeds there are so many more shows. Thanks for the contests

  67. katie bellamy says:

    You would have to ask my 2 yr old or my Hubby, I hardly get to watch my shows!! lol!

  68. Angela Ball

    I would do what you did and ditch the cable bill….netflix and hulu are great with me, have to watch Nick for my daughter alot but love suvivor and Idol, 48 hrs…too many!

  69. Abi R.

    We would watch kids shows, our shows, etc. I would see lots of Sesame Street in our future! :)

  70. jose gueits

    it would be great for my kids to watch the shows they like thank you for the opportunity

  71. Law and Order SVU!

  72. Swamp People! Would be great to kiss the cable company bye!

  73. Beverly Abrego says:

    I have been wanting one of these for sooo long! I would watch movies on Netflix.

  74. I would probably watch everything! I don’t have any TV right now…so it would be fun!
    Sarah U. recently posted..I Love My…My Profile

  75. Liz St. says:

    I would probably watch shows on Hulu that I can’t get on Netflix :) And I think you can stream pandora on a roku? That would be awesome!

  76. Terrie H.

    I’m not sure yet, but I think it would be awesome!

  77. Renee G says:

    I currently pay $180/month and watch tons of DVR’d TV. You mean I can really save money?! Sign me up!

  78. Jessie b says:

    Lots of shows, but my once upon a time, modern family and big bang theory are among my favorites.

  79. lynn shires says:

    I would watch movies on Netflix. Hope I win!

  80. I would watch a ton of movies from Netflix!

  81. Kyla Mccrary says:

    We would be watching movies & children’s programs. Just talked about switching to one of these…this would be great!

  82. I would stream Netflix thru the ROKU.

  83. Nicole Sender says:

    I’d stream Netflix!

  84. My 3 year old daughter always wants to watch random things. This will be awesome for her I’ll will never here her complain again. Thank you for the opportunity.

  85. Nicole Klaus

    omg reading your review made me research this. So even if I dont win I will probably investing in one for each room and ditch the ever so expensive cable..streaming hulu plus and netflix..heck yeah

  86. amy tolley

    would probably watch lots of stuff thanks for this great giveaway…

  87. Catrina

    I’d watch several! Two Broke Girls, How I Met Your Mother, Grey’s, Revenge, Private Practice—really, not enough time to watch them all, but I’d lie to try!!

  88. I would watch Supernatural!! Thanks 4the chance :0)

  89. We would watch LOTS of childrens shows as well as family shows together. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win thanks for the chance.

  90. Katie Anderson Wilson

    I would use it to watch all the regular shows we watch on Dish! Would love to cut that bill! Hoping to Win!

  91. liz lutes says:

    We would watch family kid shows:)

  92. suzanne cook

    I would watch all my secret undulgences anything that has Jersey in it ;)

  93. jodie risner

    all the reality shows:)

  94. Well the first few weeks, I’d probably watch everything I haven’t been able to watch yet, and I don’t really know what that is yet :) In general, I like mysteries, costume dramas like Downtown Abbey, sci-fi, some sitcoms, documentaries, and movies!

  95. Stacey Nary says:

    I’d watch all my favorite old TV shows like Married With Children or Cheers. Thank you for this opportunity!!

  96. Jeffrey

    CSI Vegas, CSI New York

  97. I would watch all of my kids’ favorite shows. My boys love Nick Jr and Disney Jr.

  98. Shannon

    I have a few friends that have this, and they love it. I would give anything to get rid of our DirecTV account and save a LOT of money each month…..the question is, can you get ESPN on the Roku? I can’t live with my husband if he can’t catch up on sports. It would be bad for both of us!

  99. I would watch Once Upon a Time, Gossip Girl, and Modern Family

  100. Brandy M says:

    Shows for my toddler like Barney and Thomas.

  101. Catch up on some missed series from tv

  102. ann beck

    everything But in another room-there are very few programs husband & I agree on

  103. Chelsea d

    I would watch monk

  104. Julie Davis says:

    Mostly kids shows

  105. Stacy

    this could be really cool, very interested in saving that money!

  106. Stacy

    I would be watching Thomas train and other Sprout shows with Roku!

  107. aubrey deyoung

    we live in the country so there is no tv only internet it would be great to have tv again!

  108. Sophoeun Seng

    Anything I can! lol once upon a time, two broke girls..just to name a few. :)

  109. I want to watch Grey’s Anatomy with the Roku player. I am so behind on it that I really need to catch up (still on the first season)!

  110. Shannon Pickin says:

    I love the show Bones, but we’d prolly watch kids shows for the kids lol

  111. This would be awesome and I’d watch so much that I could stream, but especially Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy and Once Upon a Time.
    Mare S recently posted..it’s wishcasting wednesday & van halen is stuck in my headMy Profile

  112. I would watch shows with my daughter like A.N.T. Farm, Hey Jesse, American Idol, The Voice , and I would also watch my soaps! Dish is just too expensive!!!! I would love to win this!!!

  113. I would watch Family Guy, Roseanne, Little House On the Prairie, Golden Girls, etc on the Roku player!! :o )

  114. Kyra

    I would definitely have to get a hulu account to catch all the shows that we sometimes miss due to other shows clashing. Greys, Private Practice and Hart of Dixie are just a few!

  115. Rosemary Dodd says:

    Our favorite is big bang theory. lots of laughs

  116. Ashleigh Van Fossen says:

    This is so cool, a WAY cheaper alternative to buying on of the new wi-fi ready televisions!

  117. Country Music Channel (videos) CNN or movies
    Judy Dailey recently posted..Couponizer 10 year anniversary!!My Profile

  118. kyra g

    probably cartoons hahaha

  119. Kathleen Liddick

    All the tv shows that I’ve missed and lots of movies !

  120. Bernice Ramos says:

    The shows I would watch are endless, sadly. LOL :) From ABC’s Thursday night line up.. ‘Missing’, ‘Grey’s', ‘Scandal’…. LOVE!! To their Sunday ‘Once Upon a Time’! Their Wednesday, ‘Don’t Trust the B-’ & ‘Revenge’. ABC Family’s ‘PLL’ & ‘The Lying Game’. I think I shall stop while ahead. Would be cool to try this out and try to save some money. Thanks for sharing offer… hope to win!

  121. Rebecca

    I would probably watch all my favorites show that I miss. Because we don’t have cable right now…so it would be fun!

  122. Lupita S

    I would watch Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice…

  123. Not certain yet as to what my family would watch.
    We’d have to see what’s available.
    Cooking and home decorating shows most likely.

  124. Vickie Cannoles

    I would watch Greys anatomy and Mickey Mouse clubhouse for my daughter! We so ant to ditch cable :)

  125. I would watch all the old shows! Ohhhh and Greys…and so many to choose from!!! :)

  126. Love to try this, especially if it get sports channels for the hubby.

  127. Jen Hollars says:

    What perfect timing! My husband and I were just talking about how much we WASTE on cable! (I have never heard of this before, but it sounds perfect!) And we would watch children’s shows as well as some Modern Family and The Middle :)

  128. Big Bang Theory :)

  129. Vicki Scott-Wisenbaugh says:

    We would watch everything.

  130. Rose Morgan

    I would watch all of my favorite tv shows :)

  131. I would use the ROKU to stream Netflix and Amazon to the living room tv.

  132. lisa cazee says:

    I would be able to save money if I had one of these to use!

  133. Lance M says:

    Not sure what we would watch just yet, but imagine our favorite current and old tv shows, like Big Bang Theory, Suberjatory, Once Upon A Time …

  134. I would watch Rachel Ray, Ellen, Anderson Cooper! This is a very clever gadget!

  135. Lisa Cole says:

    I would watch my 2 new favs… Touch and Awake!

  136. Nancy Achille says:

    The whole family would have a ball with this!!! I have missed severalepisodes from my favorite shows since we got rid of our DISH and DVR in Jan. after having it for 2 years, I love Once Upon A Time, Desperate Housewives, Person of Interest, etc. My husband used to love watching the Auction/Pawn shows and everything on Discovery. Our boys loved to watch Disney and Nickelodeon little kids shows. We would love to have the opportunity to get this awesome Roku, Thank you for the opportunity to enter!!!

  137. Emily W

    I would watch Community, 30 Rock, Modern Family, Downton Abbey, old episodes of Friends, Seinfeld, Cheers, the list goes on…

  138. I haven’t been watching any shows lately so not sure these are still going on but I loved Bones and Castle.
    Kathy (Kangaroo Mama) recently posted..Kangaroo Mama’s Magical Mother’s Day Giveaway Prize-Ends 5/14My Profile

  139. Paige Kelley

    I would watch SO much. We don’t have cable and our digital box gets 3 channels. We would love to watch CBS and ABC and such. Just everyday regular shows! Thanks for the chance.. we’ve been wanting one but couldn’t afford :/

  140. Rose Garten says:

    We got rid of cable when we moved to MN. My daughter is the one that misses it the most. With this she could watch tv shows back in the TV room and not bother us at the computer.

  141. vicki carter

    we watch tons of kids shows and when it is grannys turn,there is nothing on.

  142. Lynn Wittner

    We would watch The Closer and several other shows that we have missed.

  143. We ditched cable when we moved from the city to our new country home in August of last year. I honestly don’t miss much, but it would be nice to be able to watch cooking shows again. Plus, the hubby loves sitcoms like Big Bang and Raising Hope. PBS type shows would be nice as well. I think it would be WAY cool to have one of these!
    Tina Smith recently posted..Waiting for the BloomMy Profile

  144. Lois Kerr says:

    All the old ER , CSI, Dark Shadows, Twilight Zone.

  145. Taffy Massey says:

    We would watch everything! We got rid of our Satellite, much to our kids displeasure, over a year ago while trying to cut down on expenses. Would love the watch tv again!

  146. Christine says:

    I would love to watch anything….sports are always on my tv so anything would be a great change for me!

  147. Magdalena says:

    My current faves! Touch, New Girl & SMASH!!

  148. Pearl Maxey

    I would watch everything I could. Can you watch the housewives shows and live sports? Can you dvr programs?

  149. Tracey Berthiaume

    whatever i miss at the normal times

  150. I’d watch my favorite show…. The Big Bang Theory!
    Maggie Ann True Armstrong recently posted..Fifty Shades of Grey Audiobook ReviewMy Profile

  151. The question should be, what wouldn’t I watch. lol

  152. sharon says:

    I would watch American Idol or Sons of Anarchy.

  153. I have netflix now I would love hulu and crackle though. I would love to watch them on my TV. I have them on my Andriod and watch them a lot while traveling around on the bus. I love watching Law and order SVU, Weeds, Star trek Voyager, and Amazing stories. :-)

  154. LaurieJ says:

    Sound interesting. Would use it for Netflix for sure.

  155. I have public TV and would love to have family time with my teens watching some good flicks. Plus, it would provide them the opportunity to have friends over hosting an occasional movie evening…great way to have your teens home and provide some fun so their friends want to come over. I love my kids and it would be special for us to have a bit more than just public TV.

  156. Meshell

    A little bit of everything!

  157. Heather says:

    Need one of these for my son’s room he loves watching the netflix kids, which means the wii and ps3 are usually taken over by him… LOL

  158. christine m

    Anything kids related!

  159. Alicia Ransom

    The Walking Dead~~First 48(A&E) and lots of cartoons

  160. We cancelled our cable 7 months ago due to the cost. This would allow us to fit tv back into our budget.

  161. Id watch csi or something scary having a newborn baby hasnt left me time to watch one but id love to

  162. lori scheirer says:

    the secret life of a america teenager

  163. karen b

    id watch grays anatomy and childrens shows for my granddaughter :)

  164. So many shows: mad me, glee, the walking dead, weeds, californiacation, game of thrones….

  165. Person of Interest

  166. I would love this for the family. We would watch everything.

  167. I’m not sure what I would watch with it yet!

  168. Brittany says:

    I would be all over netflex! Im loving the TV shows I can watch on netflex. Since we do not have cable… And this would make it all that much better watching it in my room. :)

  169. Brooke Adametz

    I’d get rid of cable and watch everything on it! We’ve been considering one for a few months now!

  170. staci lee tomlinson

    i watch alot of a and e , and lifetime and cooking channels love to watch tv i am sure i can find many uses for this brilliant machine

  171. staci lee tomlinson

    i watch alot of a and e , and lifetime and cooking channels love to watch tv

  172. Angie M says:

    The office on Netflix!! And my daughter would watch Yo Gabba Gabba

  173. Jennifer Hokanson

    Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, Dr Oz.

  174. Erin Guymon

    We would watch anything on Netflix! Mostly cartoons but maybe a movie with the Husband now and then. We ditched satellite so this would be great to try!

  175. sarie sophie says:

    everything DOG, american idol, the voice, how i met your mother…I loveee tv lol!

  176. Daisysquire says:

    KIDS SHOWS! I could monitor more closely what they are watching. I like Merlin on BBC too

  177. Nikki Lynn Hanna

    We have a 3 year old, so probably kids shows and some suspense or supernatural for my husband and I


  178. Miesha L

    I’d end up watching all of my 7yr old daughters fave shows like Ni Hao Kai Lan, Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, Bubble Guppies, Super Why, Sesame Street, Barney, and the list goes on and on and on! :)

  179. LuAnn K

    I like to watch Criminal Minds.

  180. stacy molloy says:

    After reading the review Im very excited about this product.. thanks for the chance to win one..

  181. stacy molloy says:

    I would watch all the shows I currently miss LOL.. Private Practice. Greys and parenthood…and then theres REVENGE!!

  182. Rosa Q says:

    Too many to name…hehehe

  183. Stacey B says:

    I’d watch Dexter and Grey’s Anatomy

  184. Robin Dewolf says:

    I love my Roku. I’ve had one for a couple of years now. Would love to give one to my mom!

  185. I could use a new way to ditch our cable/DVR. We have so much on DVR and never have time to watch…so why bother?? Most of our days are spent watching Kids’ shows, and at night we are so tired, we don’t wanna watch anything else on TV!! I hope I win!!
    Andrea recently posted..OXO Food Scale giveaway!!My Profile

  186. Lori Burgess says:

    Grey’s Anatomy! Love Netflix

  187. tons of kids movies!

  188. 30 Rock and Game of Thrones!
    Chantelle recently posted..Chic Algene’s $150 Paypal Cash GiveawayMy Profile

  189. Karen lanois

    hulu so i can watch shows i missed

  190. whatever my grandsons put on

  191. heidi lehr

    i would watch what ever i can without kids. lol law and order svu is my favorite

  192. I would watch everything with it….LOL no really I would I love tv & movies

  193. VickiRae says:

    Bones, I missed it last night. :(

  194. AndreaH says:

    I’d watch a show on Hulu like GCB or Who’s That Girl.

  195. esther jordan says:

    hulu or Netflix

  196. Julie Green says:

    I have so many shows that I love to watch. My kids love Nick and Disney.

  197. jessica kennedy says:

    I love bones and house.

  198. Heidi S.

    We live in an apartment so we don’t have a roof top antenna. Cable is ridiculous, so all we have is netflix, so we would probably watch all the the network shows that we can’t right now since we can’t get them from an indoor antenna. Also, my daughter has a lot of disney shows that she loves to watch.

  199. Burn Notice, Psych and How I Met Your Mother….if they’re available!!

  200. Funny thing is that my husband and I have been looking into doing this same thing. I’m so glad to hear about someone else that has done it and has positive things to say about it. Thank you so much!!

  201. ashley

    anything and everything for my son

  202. Nancy K.

    I would watch American Horror Story

  203. Nick Jr i don’t have a choice kiddo land
    Wendy Tew Pruitt recently posted..How to have a Marvel-ous Party… Avengers styleMy Profile

  204. Tiffani Davenport

    I would watch Greys Anatomy and True Blood!

  205. I like to watch Mhz News – France 24, Russia Today, Al Jezera – I like all the foreign news. I figure if I watch enough of it, it’ll balance out.
    Kristi Gilleland recently posted..Kroger High Value Daily Coupons are Back!My Profile

  206. Elizabeth Navarro says:

    I would watch Modern Family, Days of our lives and lots of kid shows.

  207. I would watch Pretty Little Lairs, Switched at Birth and The Secret Life oh and of course shows for my son too!

  208. barbara tryon

    I love sci-fi, fantasy and comedies and thanks for this cool giveaway

  209. Sara Grove says:

    We have not had cable for over a year so other than Bones I have no idea even what is on anymore! So this would be amazing because we have no way to stream anything, and I really miss TV we just can not afford it.

  210. We would love this!!! Just so hard to make the initial investment :( would love to be able to watch Dora anytime my son wants, and hubby and I might actually be able to watch a full episode or 2 of ncis!!! Woo hoo! :)

  211. katie shelton

    I would watch Mob Wives first I have missed the last couple of weeks.

  212. Jaimie A

    We would definitely have to have Dora and Diego for the kids. Hubby and I love NCIS, Grimm, and Once Upon A Time.

  213. stefanie johnson

    all shows, i love a lot of shows so I would like to use it with all shows!

  214. Melanie R

    I would love to use it for the HBO GO :)

  215. I would watch once upon a time and netflix

  216. richelle bowers says:

    mob wives, RHOBH, RHOOC

  217. Connie Haack

    I am not much of a TV watcher but I do like the news, NCIS, and Storage wars.

  218. Coming Home is a show I like to watch. I wait for the day that my son could be on it.

  219. dzanaty says:

    I would watch Revenge!

  220. Robin Wagner says:

    Mary Mary, Grey’s Anatomy, Food Network, & The Closer :p

  221. Dexter, Nurse Jackie & Bored To Death… I miss them HORRIBLY! But cable is just tooooo expensive for us these days :(

  222. on of my fav shows is only available on HULU it’s called Endgame LOVE IT

  223. Jennifer McNeill says:

    Anything scary. We also love action movies!

  224. Star A.

    Probably nothing because my son and husband would take it over lol!! But, if I got the chance to sue it, I’d watch Ghost Hunters!!

  225. Suzette Bisanti says:

    Would so love to win this but, if not, the initial investment is about what we pay for one month of cable….not bad!!

  226. Star A.

    Sorry, forgot my twitter name lol!!

  227. Betsy Rubendall Barnes says:

    If I won, I would watch “The Walking Dead” :)

  228. karen flath

    It would be kids shows and lots of movies! I already have netflix that we stream through the Wii, but we could save a ton of money and get rid of Direct TV. My only concern is being able to watch sports channels especially NFL Network!

  229. Odds are slim but I always try!

  230. Cammie C. says:

    I’m not sure. probably Bones.

  231. All the shows I used to watch on cable before I wised up and canceled my service. Now, I watch them on my computer, but it isn’t the same as a big screen TV.

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