“Brave” New Dance Moves!!

Well hello there Lads and Lass’s ( Boys and Girls) , Michty Me ( Wow!! Holy Cow!!)  Disney/Pixars BRAVE is only a few weeks away ( June  22nd) and with it approaching so fast I’ve got a Brave new dance that you may want to learn just in time for the opening ( which you know we are so excited for!!!)   It called the “Highland Scottische” and its not just a bunch of Jiggary poke      (Nonsense). Want a good laugh.. are you sitting down.. Watch this video of My son, daughter and my sons friend attempting The Highland Scottische!!

‘ Want to learn how to do it yourself?? follow these easy instructions!!!


Disney/ Pixars Brave opens everywhere on June 22nd!!!
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I would love to see if you make a video trying this new dance!!!






  1. tracy voit

    To Cute. And the Kids look like they are Having Fun.

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