Save up to .25 cents on gas + Win free Gas for a year!!

I paid $1.73 to fill up my gas tank yesterday, This is how!!!!

Play the Spin and Win Game from Shell and get up to .25 cents off per gallon!! Thats a huge savings on gas!!!  Plus you can enter to win a free year of Gas!!! (5 Winners Chosen) and 10 people will win a free Fill up!!!

You do have to sign up for the Fuel Rewards card, which will arrive by mail and you will take that card to your local Shell station and redeem your money off rewards!

Make sure you Play!!! 

After you play make sure to grab your own custom link to share with your friends. . You gain rewards when you use the card. I have mine linked to my grocery card (Jewel) and I gain money when I shop. You also gain rewards when you refer friends and family ( Im still looking into the cap on that) When you go to the pump you swipe your card and it takes off the rewards earned, whats left is what you pay at the pump.   Everyone wins with this awesome promotion and the rewards just get better and better the more of your friends that play! That can really add up to some cheap gas!!!



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