Win Coach Gift Cards From Coach Color Tag!!!

Coach is giving away gift cards – a lot of them! Check back on this Color Tag often to see if you’re a winner – prizes will be given out at random!  Hover over the color to see if you’ve won!! Then share with your friends!!  If you instant win the color block will say so instead of saying about being chic and will prompt you to add more info!! Sharing lets COACH know that your coming from Suburban Coupon Mom and I could win a blogger prize also!!!
. The Instant Win Game results will be instantly displayed. Entrants will be notified immediately if they are a potential winner of the Instant Win Game and will be provided directions for validation and prize claim. All potential winners are subject to verification before any prize will be awarded. Sponsor is responsible for the functionality of the Instant Win Game.
Prizes -
SIX (6) INSTANT WIN GAME GRAND PRIZES:A $500 Coach gift card. Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”): $500 USD.FOURTEEN (14) INSTANT WIN GAME FIRST PRIZES:A $250 Coach gift card. ARV: $250 USD.NINETY (90) INSTANT WIN GAME SECOND PRIZES: A $100 Coach gift card. ARV: $100 USD.



  1. Paulina Syrek says:

    So how exactly do you enter this?

  2. theresa b says:

    would love to win coach- how do you enter

  3. Roberta H says:

    hover…hover…hover come on winner

  4. I think I’m doing something wrong… I’m hoovering, but seeing nothing.
    Patty A recently posted..ToiletTree Oral Irrigator Review and GiveawayMy Profile

  5. ann b

    so I guess since it said this “Chic is where you find it.
    You’ve Found

    means try again right ?

  6. Sure hope to win this for my wife. Thankyou, Ken

  7. What a fun little game! How often can we play it?
    Emilee recently posted..Bloggers Wanted – GiftHulk Amazon Gift Card GiveawayMy Profile

  8. I love to have a coach purse please and thank=ypu
    Wendy Tew Pruitt recently posted..Maple Bacon Cupcakes with Maple Frosting!My Profile

  9. I’m bout ready to give up been trying hours on end but before I do I want to find out if it helps you at all to keep trying ? If it does I will keep it up :)

  10. Would love to own a Coach and the color’s are so beautiful.

  11. paprika here too….

  12. Natalie

    Lame, all I get is Paprika

  13. Hover on this page? What if ur on a touch screen???

  14. i think u have to do it from their Facebook page!! picking one of MANY colors! not sure but that’s how it seems to me.

  15. parpika here too

  16. Are there any prizes left, I have been reading where a lot of people have won. Just wondering how many prizes are left and if it is feasible to continue to try to win. Been doing this for hours a day and nothing for me.

    • This is actually Coach’s instant win game.. they run the timing on who wins and control it all I am just lucky enough to run part of it on my blog. With 120 prizes I would assume that there would be some left.

  17. I don’t win. Play here and on another site and nothing.

  18. I have spent to many hours on this when I could have been entering other contests….Good Luck everyone!

  19. do i just keep hitting refresh on the page then?

  20. Don`t really get it. I hovered over and ot 2 different suares, one paprika and I already can`t remember the other. then I posted to my FB page and , now what???

  21. I just shared this for my friends even though I didn’t win. But hopefully you can reach 1st place :-)

  22. I saw that someone just won $250! Yay! I’m going to keep trying!

  23. christi baham willie

    Add me to the WANT TO WIN and VERY confused list…LOL

  24. how often can you play?

  25. dominique says:

    how do u know if u win

  26. dominique says:

    will the hold block turn black or just the circle

  27. It’s not difficult, just put your mouse on the color it will change and either say you won or chic is where it’s at. Very simple.

  28. I love the colors they have. I’ve seen a couple of people win from this site…awesome シ
    So if I’m understanding it right I can Just keep refreshing this page and hovering over the color circles to see if I won right?
    Jessica Baynard recently posted..UnityMy Profile

  29. Hope Holland says:

    This is the stupidest game nobody understands how to win including me

  30. Hope Holland says:

    I’ve Played for Hours upon Hours and NOTHING

  31. Tara Martini says:

    Does anyone know how many are left to win? Ive been trying and nothing so far… :(

  32. Tammie McGinnis says:

    Actually what I think it is, is whoever has the colors posted on their blog will be the ones to win….I haven’t won a thing and do this multiple times per day….good luck.

  33. When I first started playing a few weeks ago, I didn’t click to post the tag on Facebook for the host blogger, because I thought my friends would get annoyed with my constantly posting colors all over my page. ( I play a lot!) Then I realized that you can tag your favorite blog without posting it to your own wall and annoying all your friends! So now when it says “Chic is where you find it” and I know I didn’t win, I go to the bottom and hit the FB icon so Coach knows I was on the host site, but I don’t click to share on my wall. Yeah, I’ve been playing all month, and haven’t won a thing, but I’m not upset about it because it’s not like they’re rewarding you for how many clicks. It’s random. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t, and I’ll be happy for the host bloggers and the players who do win.
    Randi S. recently posted..The Best Part of Summer Is…My Profile

  34. I love it when individuals come together and share ideas.
    Great blog, keep it up!
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