It’s Time For Your Check Up With The Doc McStuffins Get Better Center – Kmart Fab 15


** I received this item in exchange for a review, regardless all opinions are 100% my own**

The holidays are right around the corner.. quite literally and to help out with some holiday shopping for the kids Kmart has put out their Fab 15 Holiday list of the hottest toys that the kids are loving this season! On this list is everything from Leap Frog to Ninja Turtles which brings out a fantastic variety so there is something everyone can enjoy!! The Fab 15 toys are truly the must have toys of the holiday season and some are exclusive to Kmart!

Kenna was thrilled when we received the Doc McStuffins get better check up center and of course wanted to have it opened as soon as it arrived. The set up was easy and fast which is good when you have an anxious 4 year old wanting to play and once finished the fun was just about to begin!


With its light up X- Ray machine and other fun accessories The Get Better Center is sure to be on the top  of any Doc McStuffins fans holiday list!

Just in time for the holidays Kmart and Suburban Coupon Mom are going to giveaway away The Get Better Center to one Suburban Coupon Mom reader!!

Simply fill out the form to be entered to win!!


  1. My grandkids would love the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Kids’ Learning Tablet, Green.

  2. Lara V

    the princess sofia dress up trunk would be amazing for my girl!

  3. oh my gosh i didnt even know this existed!! theres no way we could afford one right now but goodness. my daughter would LOVE this! (i think i would love to play as well. haha!)

  4. My girls are wanting anything Disney Princess, or Disney related!

  5. The imaginext rescue city center has already made it to our son’s Christmas list.

  6. ashlie elari says:

    Both my girls want a leap pad but they would have fun with the doc mcstuffins too

  7. katie klein says:

    The LeapPead Ultra!

  8. My daughter would go nuts if she got the Doc McStuffins Get Better Center …She LOVES Doc McStuffins !!!!

  9. Jeri Eroh says:

    My son would love the Hot Wheels Car Maker. It looks like a lot of fun! Thank you for the giveaway!!

  10. My oldest has been begging for a Furby since last year and my little one is into anything Doc McStuffins or Sofia The First so I would have a hard decision to make as to what to get her.

  11. The Lalaloopsy Hair doll!!

  12. Laura Wilson says:

    I am thinking about getting my daughter the LeapPad Ultra.

  13. Rachael Bee says:

    My daughter likes the Furby but my son would like Dusty, I like McStuffins or the Leap Pad. Thank you!

  14. Susan Cox says:

    Elmo Hugs or Furby :) I have a one and seven year old. :)

  15. Mary Diehl

    My boy would love the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Kids’ Learning Tablet. thank you for this great giveaway

  16. Clawdeen Wolf Doll! Thank you dear!

  17. Krystal Killough says:

    My little one would love the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Kids Learning Tablet (Santa is bringing that), and my nieces would love the Doc McStuffins Get Better Center.

  18. My daughter wants the doc station so bad.

  19. Amy Myers says:

    The Doc McStuffin’s toy for my almost 3 year old :)

  20. Amber Camiller

    My 3 yr old just had a Doc party for her birthday. It was so much fun! Doc is actually my favorite show too!

  21. The Get Better Center of course. My little girl is a huge Doc McStuffins fan:-)

  22. penny reid says:

    My granddaughter is 1 1/2 years old and loves to have the doc checkup center,she was born at 25 weeks weighing 1lb 12ozs spending 100 days in nicu and is doing great and she would love to help the animals she loves the show

  23. Sophia the first doll for my daughter!

  24. The furby boom with zigzag!

  25. leap pad for my grand son or anything disney for my grand daughter

  26. Mindy Tester says:

    My 2 year old would love the get better center,she loves playing doctor especially with animals!

  27. The sofia the 1st dress up trunk!

  28. I would choose the Furby or the Flutterbye Fairy.

  29. Mary Coop says:

    Doc McStuffins would be perfect for my 3 yr old girl!

  30. My granddaughter would love this.

  31. MGA Entertainment Inc Lalaloopsy Loopy Hair Doll – Jewel Sparkles

  32. The Sofia dress up chest or the doc check up center!

  33. Would love to win this my daughter loves doc mcstuffins and would be so excited!

  34. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ninja Control RC Shellraiser & the Imaginext Rescue City are on our Christmas lists! :)

  35. Rhonda Houchin

    the Doc McStuffins get better check up center

  36. WOW! The Leap Pad Ultra, the Disney Sofia The First Dress up Trunk OR the Doc check up center…would love either of the three!!!

  37. My daughter would love the Big Hugs Elmo!

  38. my 18 month old daughter is UHHHH-BSESSED with Doc McStuffins and would go wild for this

  39. Melanie Walsh says:

    Apparently we are in desperate need for the Flying Flower Fairies.

  40. Nico n Sophia says:

    Would love the doc mcstuffins play set.

  41. Tabitha ward says:

    Doc checkup center!!

  42. jennifer horn says:

    My daughter would love the Leap Pad and the Furby. Thanks for sharing the list.

  43. Mariah Loves Doc McStuffins

  44. my son would love the leap pad and my grandaughter, the elmo

  45. Imaginext Rescue City Center has a lot of fun things to do!

  46. My daughter wants a hot wheel maker.

  47. This is fantastic! My daughter would go crazy for something like this :)

  48. It would definitely be a toss-up between the Sofia trunk and the Doc Check-up Center. She loves both!!

  49. My daughter would love the Doc McStuffins toy and the twirling fairy. Thank you

  50. Doc McStuffins Center!! All three of my kids would love it!
    Melissa E. recently posted..Foiled Again, Smarty Pants!My Profile

  51. deanna hanson says:

    the leap pad

  52. Tracy Shoriak says:

    This is such a cute toy. My daughter would love it.

  53. Cynthia Montiel says:

    My daughter would love the Doc McStiffins center. And even though my son would say its a girl toy I think he would enjoy ot also!

  54. My daughter would love the doc mcstuffins center, Sofia dress up trunk and the leap pad. She has already asked for all three.

  55. the doc mcstuffins center

  56. Lisa Duncan

    My daughter found a review of this on you tube before it even came out and keeps asking for it! Thank you!

  57. I would love this Doc McStuffins get better center for my goddaughter, she is currently in chemo treatments and she plays doctor a lot. One of her doctors gave her a stethoscope and she loves it. Other than this, I love the Imaginext Rescue City Center… my son loves the imaginext toys.

  58. Sofia the first trunk or this one..doc mcstuffins get well ctr

  59. brandy lavoie says:

    my daughter is obsessed with doc mcstuffins.

  60. Melissa H says:

    I would love to get the Imaginext Rescue City Center for my son.

  61. Jessie

    My soon-to-be 2yr old daughter would love the Doc station! I love seeing her learn to pretend play with her plastic foods and dolls… I would love to watch her play as Doc!

  62. The LeapPad is what my grandson would love!

  63. Cheree Ritter says:

    Def the Doc Checkup. My 3 girls would have the time of their life playing with this!

  64. sharla flowers

    I would love to win the dox mcstuffins toy for my 2 year old lil girl !

  65. My son would love this. He’s in love with Doc and Stuffy!

  66. Emily Dixon says:

    Doc mcstuffins of course!!

  67. Love the Doc McStuffins get better check up center!!

  68. There are a few my kids are wanting but the top ones on the list are the Leappad, Hot Wheels car maker, Imaginext Rescue city center and the Doc McStuffins get better check up center.

  69. Ellen Ley says:

    The kindergarten kids I work with would love the check up center!

  70. We would choose the doc mc stuffins play center

  71. Jennifer M.

    I’d pick one of three things – The Doc McStuffins Play Center I think she’d like the most, but I’m always up for upgrading the LeapPad2 we have to the new Ultra. The 3rd item I’d consider is the Sofia the First dress up trunk. Even though we’ve never seen Sofia the First, My little one has gotten all into dress up and I think she’d enjoy the dress up items.

  72. Stephanie Angle says:

    We would love love love the Doc check up station!!

  73. My daughter would love the doc mcstuffins check up station

  74. Meli McGinnis

    My daughter and my niece are both crazy about Doc McStuffins! Even my nephew watches it.

  75. I would choose the doc mcstuffins play center

  76. Desirae F says:

    The Doc McStuffins check up station!!! My little girl is a huge fan :)

  77. Heather

    the tablet is a great gift

  78. I would choose the LeapPad Ultra.

  79. Either this Doc toy or the Sofia dress up chest.
    Sarah recently posted..She is BeautifulMy Profile

  80. Karen Arnold says:

    I know my daughter would love the Sophia the First dress-up trunk but really we would be happy with anything. She asked for the Doc McStuffins Get Better Center tonight.

  81. My daughter would love the Doc McStuffins Get Better Soon Center. She’s a huge Doc fan.

  82. Both my kids would love the Doc Mcstuffin’s check up center!

  83. Doc and sofia are the coolest things right now! My girls want everything doc and sofia!

  84. Definitely the doc toy!

  85. allison Lesley says:

    Leap pad ultra would def be on my kids list

  86. Regina Key says:

    The Sophia the first trunk or the Doc McStuffins Get Better Center!!!!! My girls would love them both!

  87. Lisa Lark Shepherd says:

    I love the Doc McStffins!!

  88. the doc mcstuffins well check center

  89. Alyssa

    Doc McStuffins, no question about it.

  90. jessy miller says:

    My nieces would love getting the doc mcstuffins care center from their aunt jessy for Christmas!

  91. Kayla Costigliola

    We love Doc McStuffins and Princess Sofia!

  92. My daughter would go crazy for the Cinderella Vanity!

  93. The Doc McStuffins Get Better Center is adorable. I love the Sophia the First Dress Up Trunk! My son would love the RC Dusty Crophopper.

  94. Charity Cram says:

    Hot Wheels Car Maker…my sister’s three kids already asked for it for Christmas.

  95. My daughter loves Doc McStuffins so she would love the checkup center. That or the Leap Pad Ultra. Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway!

  96. Doc or Sofia would he our top picks!

  97. Angie Clark says:

    I would love to win the Doc McStuffins Get Better Center!

  98. Allison Shaffer says:

    Loving the Doc McStuffins get well center!!

  99. Sarah Stedman says:

    I would pick the LeapPad. My 6 year old got one last year but her sister ended up breaking it. Twice. And they offer no way of replacement or repair the second time. So I would love to get her a new one and be diligent about not letting her sister near it.

  100. Beth Pianezza says:

    My daughter would love anything doc mcstuffins!

  101. I like the Doc McStuffins Toy. I watch the show with my neice and she loves it.

  102. I would choose the Doc Mcstuffins check-up center, my daughter loves the show

  103. Danielle Amaro says:

    Def this Doc McStuffins Toy

  104. I would pick the Leap Pad

  105. Lia Simpson

    Big hugs Elmo

  106. michelle lingley says:

    doc mcstuffins checkup center

  107. Sarah Simpson

    I would love to Have the Doc McStuffins Get better center for my little girl, she loves Doc McStuffins

  108. The Leappad would be awesome, but Doc McStuffins is pretty popular with my little girl.

  109. My girls would love the Doc McStuffins center.
    Chaunie recently posted..Lily’s StoryMy Profile

  110. My oldest would love the leap pad ultra & the youngest would love the elmo!

  111. My son would love the leap pad or the rescue city. Circled both in the kmart ad just yesterday!

  112. Cynthia Montiel says:

    Both my kids really want the doc mcstuffins center.

  113. Tina Markins says:

    My 1 year old nephew would love this!! :)

  114. Doc mcstuffins get better center so cute!

  115. Katherine Campos says:

    The LeapPad Ultra!

  116. Brittanie Wohlford says:

    My kids would love the leap pad ultra

  117. Jennifer Brawley

    The LeapPead Ultra!

  118. debbie denley says:

    my girls want The Get Better Center more then anything!!!!

  119. Sami Jo Carter says:

    My kids would love the new Leappad

  120. Kathi Spence says:

    I have 4 granddaughters that sure are in love with Doc McStuffins. We would love to win this center a it is on their wish lists. The Doc McStuffins Get Better Center is my choice. Thanks for the chance.

  121. Christine

    Doc Mcstuffins get better center

  122. I so want this for ny kids they would go crazy when they open it

  123. Cymri mason says:

    My kids would love the Doc Mcstuffins!

  124. Foe my son I would chose the Rescue Center and for my daughter anything Sophia or Doc McStuffin’s!

  125. My daughter wants the doc mcstuffins clinic, the flower fairy, and the monster high dolls!

  126. This get well center is the cutest thing. Would love to win this for my daughter.

  127. Holly Davis says:

    My daughter loves do mcstuffin and would love the get better set!!!!

  128. Gail Davis says:

    My granddaughters would love the Doc McStuffins Get Better Center. Something they can play together.

  129. Jennifer Taft

    I have two boys but I also have lots of nieces. Any of these would be awesome. My boys would love any of the electronic things though. Of course! =)

  130. Tammy Hayden says:

    My little girl would love this Doc Mcstuffins toy!!

  131. The Doc McStuffins Get Better Center

  132. Big Hugs Elmo! My new baby will love it I bet! I even think my big baby would get some fun out of him too!

  133. Kathy Zappala says:

    My daughter really wants the doc mcstuffins ANYTHING for christmas.

  134. Would love to win

  135. My daughter would love the Doc Mcstuffins check up center

  136. jennifer brawley

    The Furby would make a great gift for Christmas!

  137. My daughter would love the LeapPad Ultra or the Doc McStuffins Check Up Center! Both pretty high on her list!

  138. Heather Adamson says:

    The LeapPad Ultra


  140. The doc mcstuffins center

  141. Melissa Giannopoulos says:

    The Doc McStuffins Check up center. Or the new leap pad. But my three year old keeps asking for the Check up center!

  142. My daughter would LOVE the Doc Get Better Center!!!

  143. Chelsea preston

    The Sophia dress up trunk or the Lalaloopsie loopy hair

  144. My daughter would love the Elmo hugs doll and my son would love the imagined rescue center. They’d both be able to play with this awesome get better center!!

  145. Angela Plake says:

    My dsughter would love the Leappad tablet. .. and honestly, this will check Cemetery as well:)

  146. Danielle S. says:

    Lalaloopsy Loopy Hair Doll – Jewel Sparkles


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